10 September 2006

The Left Goes Mad, And I Don't.

Supposedly, we're 60 days from a realignment election that will sweep the Democrats back into power in the House and Senate. So, what do we see? Confident Dems bestriding the world. No.

What I find most comforting about this is how delusional the lefty fringe is. They've spent so much time talking only amongs themselves that they think that lefty fringism is a mass movement. I, on the otherhand, know perfectly well that I'm a member of a fringe movement. I am saner than the left, and I can prove it.


Susan's Husband said...

That's what I was trying to get at here, in response to a story about Lamont tacking right in response to polls. That fact alone destroys the self-image the Modern American Left has cultivated.

P.S. You should have quoted this bit from that post.

What else can we do to highlight Disney and ABC's complicity and duplicity in blackening the names of 3,000 dead Americans? For example, Disney's involvement with war propaganda during World War II. [...] How do we make clear to America that the Disney brand is unpatriotic [...] ?

Think of the viewpoint required to write such a statement.

David said...

How do you pick just one bit? How 'bout this one:

If iTunes goes ahead and lets Disney/ABC offer this show for free via iTunes, then Apple and Steve Jobs, the largest shareholder in Disney, need to be taught a lesson about defaming September 11 and using their companies to illegally and unfairly influence the US elections for the Republicans. What more can we do to show Steve Jobs and Apple that we won't tolerate them turning Apple into a far-right Republican shill?

Peter Burnet said...

I, on the otherhand, know perfectly well that I'm a member of a fringe movement

I don't suppose I could persuade you to flee to Canada and start a craft business somewhere, could I? Maybe another blue grass festival? Pity, we could do with more fringes like you.

David said...

Wrong fringe.

I suppose I could come up and start a whole Earth, fair trade shooting range.