29 October 2011

21 October 2011

Dead Moammar

The death of Qaddafi is a good thing, and I'll even concede that publicizing pictures of his corpse is a good thing. But I am getting a little sick of seeing Dead Moammar popping up an on every link a I click.

You Gotta Love This

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04 October 2011

That's Funny, She Doesn't Look Jewish

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Are you saying incomes in the middle have not fallen?

Yes, that's what I'm saying. (I'm also saying that this understates the case because it ignores the value of noncash employment benefits (wich were 29% of total compensation in 2004 and 30.5% in 2011) and government transfers (which have increased by about 12% of personal income (from 6% of average income to 18%) from 1967 to 2011.)

03 October 2011

O tempora o mores

I have no desire to pick on Bryan Appleyard, with whom I agree more than I disagree (particularly once he's translated from the orginal English), but this rare post on his blog deserves some comment.

I'm always amused by the cry of "O tempora o mores" immediately followed by blaming conservatives. The idea that 2011 is, historically, a particularly difficult time to be living in England, or anywhere in the West is obvious nonsense. It's particularly odd in the course of a touching story of nobility in true hardship; a father who, with his son's blood fresh upon him, quells a riot. It also strikes me as odd that, for Appleyard, original sin now seems to be bankers lending money with insufficient collateral.