23 February 2008

Darkens? Is That Supposed To Be Funny?

Today's New York Times report from the Clinton campaign is entitled Soldiering On, but Somber as the Horizon Darkens.

19 February 2008

Sunstein Goes From Chicago To Harvard...

... both schools get more conservative.

13 February 2008

More Obama

I wish I had time to write more, but I don't. So, telegraphically, I think that people who dismiss Senator Obama as an empty suit without message, who can be easily beaten by an opponent willing to define him, are missing two things:

1. It appears that he's beaten the Clinton machine, or at least come closer than the Republicans ever managed.

2. "There ought to be a black president" is a perfectly valid campaign platform. It's even, in contradistinction to many good platforms, true. There ought to be a black president. Lots of good things could come of that, including things that conservatives would recognized as unalloyed good. It might, for example, be a little harder to argue that ours is an inherently racist society. I'm not willing to give up other policy preferences that Obama would trash (strong defense, a rational economic policy, lower taxes, etc.) to get a black president, but other people have different policy preferences and weight them differently. That is, after all, why we have to have elections in the first place. To deny that this is a real policy position on which Senator Obama can't be beaten is to close our eyes to reality.

09 February 2008

Congratulations Sweetheart

Today was my daughter's bat mitzvah. She did an excellent job. That is not only my entirely objective opinion, but the expressed opinion of everyone there and they are a very reliable group.

I mention this not to boast about my very talented daughter, but to pass along her request that, when you next consider making a charitable contribution, you consider SOS Children's Villages, which provides a home and education to street children around the world.

06 February 2008

Even When They Know The Words, They Don't Hear The Music

The AP, reporting on Super Tuesday, says:
Preliminary exit polls of voters in primary states showed Obama encroaching on Clinton's traditional support.
That would be the "traditions" of ... last month.

03 February 2008

If You Think Obama Will Be Easy To Beat

Watch this:

Afterwards, you might not want to see him lose.