09 February 2008

Congratulations Sweetheart

Today was my daughter's bat mitzvah. She did an excellent job. That is not only my entirely objective opinion, but the expressed opinion of everyone there and they are a very reliable group.

I mention this not to boast about my very talented daughter, but to pass along her request that, when you next consider making a charitable contribution, you consider SOS Children's Villages, which provides a home and education to street children around the world.


Harry Eagar said...

Good for her.

I have been to the bar mitzvahs of three boys I had known from when they were babies. In all three cases they acquitted themselves well, and in all three cases, I don't think they really believed they could when they began.

joe shropshire said...

Hear, hear. Does/how does the girl child's ceremony differ from the boy's? (Yes, we're that clueless.)

David said...

Harry: Thanks. I'll pass that along. It really is a big mountain to climb, but they always seem to manage it.

Joe: It's the same (at least in the conservative movement), although, if they want, girls can do it at 12 rather than waiting for 13.

monix said...

Congratulations to your daughter, David. I hope your family celebrations were as happy as ours this weekend.