03 September 2006

Blogging Synergy

Here are two things I came across recently that I wouldn't have blogged individually, but together creep above the bloggable threshold. First, from Ann Althouse, a link to a NYT story in which Jude Law talks about how hurt he was that Chris Rock made fun of him at the Oscars. The second is a comment on the IMDB board for Kingpin, which we watched last night. (Short review: hilarious, raunchy, disgusting, oddly touching and as nice a job of weird casting as I've seen. Highly recommended if you're not offended at body function humor.) As the comment is behind a wall, I'll quote it:
As a bowler i thought the ending tournament sucked. I've seen bill murray hit a couple of brooklyn's and they were sloppy also. His ball with the rose inside, is not a strike ball, it was meant to pick up spares for it lack of core, i'm pretty sure it was a plastic ball also. randy quaid's bowling looks pretty real. Of course everyone knows that left handers have that natural hook. I was hoping for some real bowling with some solid 10's standing, some light in the pocket shredding the 5 into the 7, some messengers from the head pin into the wall back into the 10 pin, and somebody picking up grandmas teeth. Your avid bowler understand's grandmas teeth, i never pick it up before, but i have picked up the 6-7-10 a few times. the bowling was very realistic, but it sucked. i enjoyed the movie alot [All the above is sic]
As the old Romans used to say, "De Gustibus non disputatum est" or, as the economists say, "You can't make interpersonal comparisons" or, as I say, you people sure have funny-working brains.

There are only two blogging templates: 1) Here's something that seems profound that is really mundane and 2) here is something mundane that is really profound. Seems pretty clear which template we have to use here, so here goes: Clearly, leftism is dead. Leftism requires that all revealed preferences that differ from the left's template be a sham (I'm looking at you, What's The Matter With Kansas). In fact, people make no sense at all.


Brit said...

That review of Kingpin is wonderful.

Brit said...

I've not read 'What's the Matter with Kansas', so I looked it up on Wikipedia.

The notion that the social conservatives are united by their hatred of a 'liberal elite' that doesn't actually exist is intriguing...

David said...

It's all false consciousness, manufactured consent and the stubborn stupidity of the sheeple of Kanasa in not realizing that what really matters is what Thomas Frank says matters.