04 September 2006

But Who Can We Sue?

Study: Older fathers bring higher autism risk (AP, 9/4/06)
Men who become fathers in their 40s or older are much more likely to have autistic children than younger dads, a new study released Monday shows, bolstering evidence that genetics contributes to the mental disorder.

The research involved about 130,000 Israeli Jews born in the 1980s. Those fathered by older men were almost six times more likely to have autism or related disorders than those fathered by men younger than 30, and more than one-and-a-half times more likely than children fathered by men ages 30-39.


joe shropshire said...

Who can we sue? Are you kidding? How about all the women who would not date us, excuse me, them when we, pardon me, they, were younger.

Brit said...

The intriguing question is whether men have a biological clock.

I think we intuitively believe that they don't. Apart from anything, women are attracted to older men in a way that men are not attracted to older women (aside from Margaret Thatcher, obviously).

This study is far from conclusive of course. There are too many potential variables: how old were the mothers, how many men with autistic tendencies have children later etc.