09 May 2007

A Walk, Interrupted

(We Continue)

We leave the road and head up Turkey Hill.

Turkey Hill is a big rock covered by a thin earth scrim.

This is the upper quarry, which is being decommissioned.

We watch the big machines for a while,

Then we look out over the valley to the Holyoke Range.

When we've had our fill, we turn around and retrace our steps, letting gravity do the work.


monix said...

Is the decommissioned quarry to be turned into a nature reserve? That has happened very successfully in our area. The quarry companies here and the china clay companies in Cornwall have put a lot of effort into restoring the landscape.

David said...

It's going to be conservation land, which means that it won't be developed. As a general rule, conservation land is not managed, and I don't believe that the quarry will be restored.

The whole sordid story is here.

Oroborous said...

Not much to restore, if the photos are representative.

Letting Nature take her course seems like a quick-enough solution here.

joe shropshire said...

New England is full of old sand pits and quarries. Maine and New Hampshire especially. Having grown up there, the notion that an old quarry, which is basically just a glorified sand pit, should be "returned" to anything at all strikes me as an odd one. But that seems to be the new fashion: every piece of land that isn't paved is to be treated with exaggerated reverence. You'd think there was no such thing as trash land.

monix said...

Nature's course is fine, so long as the commercial enterprises have removed all their debris.

(I couldn't read the story, David, as the link didn't work)