27 May 2007

Old Arguments

I've noticed on a couple of blogs arguments about Florida 2000. This seems odd to me, unless agents from Gore 2008 have been lurking in blog comments, but what's bothersome is that even the basic facts don't seem to be accepted.

1. Al Gore won the popular vote.

2. More Floridians woke up on election day intending to vote for Al Gore.

3. More Floridians actually voted for George Bush.


Oroborous said...

4. (3) was confirmed by several independent media re-counts.
(Although it amuses me to note that if Florida law contained the same standards for counting ballots as did Texas law in 2000, then Gore would have won).

But "Al Gore 2008" seems delusional to me, an artifact of some people's discontent with the current crop of Dem. contenders.

It must be galling to Edwards and Richardson, who are actually in the race, (and in Edwards's case, has raised tens of millions of dollars for the compaign), that Gore polls much better than they do among people who like to bet on politics.

(The same dynamic on the GOP side has Thompson in a dead heat with Romney and McCain - that's an illusion that will melt away over the next six months if Thompson is foolish enough to toss his hat into the ring).

Oroborous said...

(Follow the link, click on "Politics" on the left side, then on "2008 US Election").

Harry Eagar said...

I have less than zero interest in this, but, pray tell, how can we be sure about 2?

David said...

Harry: A couple of different ways, but primarily the Jews voting for Buchanan issue.

pj said...

david - you think Jews can't be racist nativist idiots?

If (2) is true, all it shows is that divine Providence decided the election.

Oroborous said...

...divine Providence decided the election.

Even as a very vocal and die-hard Bush supporter, I wouldn't go that far.

We cannot know the destination of the path not taken. Gore may or may not have been a worse President than is Bush, but the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary effects of his being elected in 2000 might have brought us to a better place in 2007.