25 May 2007

And I Thought That I Was Good At Procrastinating

When I posted below about US carbon emissions falling last year, I refrained from making fun of John Kerry. After all, what's the point? But his quote from the article has been bugging me and I finally figured out why:
"This is more proof that this President just doesn't get it when it comes to combating climate change," Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) said in a statement yesterday. "The house is on fire, and he's trying to douse the flames with a watering can. The science tells us that we need to reduce our emissions by 60-80% by 2050 in order to avoid catastrophic damage."
Now, let's say that you were a United States Senator, your party's last nominee for President and married to a billionairess. If you really believed that our only chance to avoid a "catastrophe" was to up-turn civilization in the next 40 years, wouldn't you, you know, do ... something?


Duck said...

He can't do anything until he has the power. Or, do you mean do something personally? Heavens no! Not until he has the power of the presidency to make himself do it.

Oroborous said...

The irony is that if Kerry were to seize the mantle of "Protector of the Environment" from Gore, and actually do something about it, he'd become the "somebody" that he's always been on the cusp of being.

Considering his backround, history, and position, it has to be said that he's badly failed to live up to his potential.

But that's almost certainly good luck for people like me, since if he were a "somebody", he'd probably be Ted Kennedy-esque.