04 May 2007

Only I Get To Decide Which Tradition Is Out-Moded

I've been surprised that this hasn't been getting more attention on the conservative blogs. The Anglican Church in Africa is sponsoring some Episcopalian congregations in America that want to break away from the Episcopalian Church because of its acceptance of homosexuality and, in particular, the elevation of Gene Robinson to Bishop.

The American Episcopalian Church objects to this "poaching:"
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori sent Akinola a letter earlier this week asking him to stay away. His visit would, she said, not only show "division and disunity" but violate ancient church customs which prevent one bishop from poaching on another's territory.

Akinola, in a response published on his church's Web site, told Jefferts Schori the custom she cited was intended to protect flocks from false outside teachings, not the care and concern of another bishop.

"I also find it curious," he said, "that you are appealing to the ancient customs of the church when it is your own Province's deliberate rejection of the biblical and historic teaching of the Church that has prompted our current crisis."


Anonymous said...

Sex vs. The Third World? No contest.

Duck said...

You heard it here first.

I repeat my earlier question: has there ever been a human practice more divisive than religion?

David said...

Duck: You might want to reread the post. I think you missed the point.

Also, I'm surprised to see you dismiss the continualist/cessationist debate as small-potato/dancing on the head of a pin stuff. It is, after all, a version of your favorite argument: theism v. deism.

Hey Skipper said...

It is, after all, a version of your favorite argument: theism v. deism.

No it isn't. It is yet another version of theism v. theism.

The whole thing reminded me of my late step-brother, who was schizophrenic.

Even off his meds, he was no more nonsensical than a debate between continualists and cessationists.

Some things are beyond parody.

In this case, way beyond.

David said...

Skipper: G-d is active in the world v. G-d is not active in the world.

Hey Skipper said...



G-d was once active in the world, G-d is still active in the world.

jim hamlen said...

Sorry I'm late on this one - I read somewhere today that an angry Episcopalian actually told the Africans (at a meeting) to "go back to the jungle where you came from".

If a Messianic Jew from Israel were to visit the US on a mission trip, they might just crucify him.