24 May 2007

Support Our Moonbats

James Taranto points us to this utterly obtuse comment on the Democrat's cave-in on caving-in by a proponent of a timeline for withdrawal from Iraq:
Some activists had privately feared that Democratic leaders were losing their resolve to stage a protracted fight with the White House over wartime funding. Pelosi had announced earlier that the House would not leave for the Memorial Day recess without a new funding bill, a signal to some of a looming defeat.

"When they put out that deadline, people realized that we were going to lose," said an aide to an anti-war lawmaker. "Everything after that seemed like posturing."
If setting a deadline in Iraq is supporting our troops by getting them out of a war they can't win, what does this mean?


Bret said...

My response is too long to fit in a comment so I put it here.

Harry Eagar said...

The Democrats are so desperate to surrender to someone that if they can't surrender to the terrorists, they'll surrender to Bush as next best.

joe shropshire said...

There sure is no George Meany or Scoop Jackson amongst them, nor even a Sam Nunn. You once said something about Islam, that it was helpless against its purifiers, which I thought was shrewd but not applied broadly enough. This is what a purified post-Vietnam Democratic party looks like.