05 May 2007

Bush = Conservative = Bad

A surprisingly even handed article in the New York Times (albeit one that should be headlined "Grandstanding Dems Weaken War Effort, Endanger Troops") contains this gem:
The proposal by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to repeal President Bush’s war authorization in October touched off a furious tussle on Friday among Democrats hoping to gain an upper hand with voters who oppose the war. It prompted other candidates to seek an even swifter end to the conflict, which was what some Congressional leaders had been trying to avoid as war-spending negotiations with the White House intensify.
President Bush's war authorization? I guess the nutroots are right. He really has usurped Congress' war powers.

By the way, what's up with "Hillary Rodham Clinton?" Mrs. Clinton has dropped the "Rodham," as she does periodically. Didn't the Times get the memo?


Harry Eagar said...

On one side of the pond, cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

On the other, pasteurized process cheese food product surrender monkeys.

Chacon a son gout.

Anonymous said...

Harry, that is a scream and definitely goes in the Canon.