09 May 2007

It's Not Stealing, It's A Meme

I liked Monix's morning walk post so much, I decided to steal it. Here's my morning walk:

We start by putting the dog on the leash. Doesn't he look happy?

Then we head down the driveway.

Some of us take short cuts.

We then head up the hill,

and past the new construction going up on the site of an old quarry.

(To Be Continued)


Brit said...

Very nice. A pleasing mixture of natural beauty, heavy machinery and small dogs.

Brit said...

Something for everybody, if you will.

Oroborous said...


David said...

Corgi owners have a saying:

Corgis are not big dogs in small bodies. Corgis are big dogs without legs.

Anonymous said...

Ego in Arcadia. Wuff, wuff.

Brit said...

That corgi might make a good beedog.

joe shropshire said...

Or a butterfly dog maybe. But enough dog-walking pictures, now we want to see some dog-skipping pictures.

monix said...

Your morning walk looks as delightful as ours but with a doggy bonus. Of course, not having royal blood, I can't have a corgi but if you ever need a dog-walker, let me know.

David said...

Brit: Now you've done it. Donna had not previously been aware of beedogs. Now she says we have to get the dog a Halloween costume. I will post pictures if worse comes to worse.

Monix: Actually, I could have used a dog walker today. I had an early meeting so He Who Must Be Walked got cheated of his morning constitutional.