01 May 2007

His Second Favorite is "A New Hope -- The Novelization?"

Mitt Romney says that his favorite novel is Battlefield Earth? I've actually read Battlefield Earth and it's not awful, but even among trashy soft science fiction novels it's not that good. Romney's favorite book is the Bible (apparently, though, no one asked him "which one?").


Brit said...

Do US politicisns ever not say The Bible when asked about their favourite book?

Shouldn't it just be taken as a given, and thus the question is: "Apart from the Bible, name a book that your campaign team, focus group work and market research has decided might appeal to the maximum number of voters while minimising possible offence."

Susan's Husband said...

Anyone who has "a" favorite book isn't sufficiently widely read.

Harry Eagar said...

LBJ didn't say 'the Bible.' He claimed to keep 'The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations' at his bedside table.

He probably was lying.

Romney gave a speech last week which was partly reprinted in The New York Sun. He gets it.

Duck said...

The movie version was one of the worst I have ever seen. I wonder if it would have been made without John Travolta's influence.

Oroborous said...

No, it wouldn't have. One big clue is that it wasn't, before Travolta ramrodded it, despite the novel having been around for decades.