20 March 2007

We Love A Logical Conclusion

Ann Althouse points us to this article in the Daily Mail about an abandoned polar bear cub in the Berlin Zoo. It seems that when its mother ignored it, the zookeepers stepped in to keep it alive through bottle feeding and cuddling. As it is just about the cutest thing you ever did see, they also started marketing it. Animal rights activists protest that this is not the proper way to raise polar bear cubs, is in fact inhumane and the animal should be euthanized. (There is no explanation in the article as to why the activists aren't insisting that the cub be airlifted to a melting ice flow and left to starve or drown.)

This is the logical conclusion of vegetarianism/animal rights activism. After all, if we all stop eating beef and wearing leather, the fate of millions of docile, tasty herbivores is easy to predict.


pj said...

It seems that the animal rights activists are torn between (a) fondness for animals and (b) hatred of humans. This polar bear is now, in their eyes, a bear-human hybrid, because it "bonded" with the humans who fed it. It looks like (b) trumps (a), so the bear has to be put down.

JR said...

plus bears eat meat so . . . triple whammy.

Harry Eagar said...

Actually, the zeitgeist is weirder than that. Perhaps Brit can provide more detail, but as of several years ago, some sort of escaped rodent was exterminating the water voles in Britain (the Ratty in 'The Wind in the Willows'), and when ecologists proposed to kill the bloodthirsty invaders to save the cuddly vole, the antivivisectionists (as I believe they still are in England) objected that nature must be allowed to take its course.

They don't only hate humans. They hate everybody.

Brit said...

Of all the many nuts, animal rights nuts might well be the nuttiest.