16 March 2007

And You People Say There's No G-d.

Marchers brave nor'easter to highlight need for climate change (Kristina Tedeschi, Daily Hampshire Gazette, 3/16/07)
As a nor'easter arrived in the area, participants in the Interfaith Walk for Climate Rescue began their trek from Northampton to Boston to stop global warming, an eight-day journey predicted to be the largest of its kind for the environment in the U.S.
Picture credit Paul Grgurovic for the Daily Hampshire Gazette.


Oroborous said...


"Climate Rescue", eh ?

More accurately "Climate Exploitation by Bending It to the Will of Humans".

Harry Eagar said...

Less than a week after the antiglobal warming trekkers returned from their trip to the North Pole because of frostbite.

We know history repeats tragedy as farce, but now we need a spiffy slogan about how farce repeats itself as . . . well, as more farce sounds lame.

Oroborous said...

How about "farce repeats itself as 'Theatre of the Absurd'", in the tradition of Harold Pinter and Waiting for Godot ?

erp said...

Opera Buffa