04 March 2007

The Net: Inclusive Or Atomizing?

Gaywheels.com -- The Gay-Friendly Automotive Resource


Hey Skipper said...

This reminds me of some four years ago, when some high school kid flogging magazine subscriptions convinced me to give Scientific American a second chance.

I got Esquire instead.

I remember thinking several things when looking at the first several issues that hit the doorstep.

1. This magazine is consistently ranks among the stupidest uses for ink and paper.

2. Except for the obligatory cheesecake layout, it was, well, kind of gay.

Then came the magazine corresponding the the first US Grand Prix at Indianapolis.

They had a big picture of the Ferrari, taken from the front, and authoritatively stated the car was lightening quick, because it had "four wheel drive."

Any straight male, no matter how mechanically challenged, would have immediately identified the lack of half-shafts going to the front wheels on this open wheeled race car.

Like most women, though, it went right over the Esquire editorial staffs collective heads.

Way gay.

joe shropshire said...

I dunno -- I think Peter might be lacking the half-shaft-recognition gene.