17 March 2007

And I Love The Guy

During a meeting of the Joint Chiefs, Dubya is informed that three Brazilian soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Dubya bursts into tears, his head in his hands. The Joint Chiefs are stunned that he is so emotional over the loss of soldiers from another nation. Then Dubya raises his head, wipes away his tears, and asks "Exactly how many is a brazillion?"


erp said...

My husband had a colleague of Polish extraction who was of a rather impressive size and as is usual for very large and powerful men, he was of a very gentle nature. The only that riled him up were Polish jokes. Naturally everyone teased him about it and would start telling a Polish joke, he would turn around and say make it Italian, Irish, or whatever the nationality of the joke teller.

Long intro into saying, make that joke about a kneejerk lib and it would be funny.

I also love the guy.

Oroborous said...

I thought that it was very funny as is.

Brit said...

Me too. I have to disagree with erp: humour should not be just another weapon with which to beat your enemies.

erp said...

brit, normally I'd agree and the president doesn't need to be protected from jokes at his expense, but the bashing he's taken has been so mean-spirited and relentless that I take offense when it comes from our side.