29 March 2007

We Interupt Our Blogging Interruption

To point out the comments to this article as one more indicator of what a farce the whole "defying the UN" argument against the Iraq war was.


Harry Eagar said...

'As far as I know, the UK is not at war with Iran.'

True, but that does not mean that Iran is not at war with the UK.

Why are we not out in the streets in our thousands shouting 'Death to Iran!'?

That might give those nitwits pause, and if it didn't, then open battle would come the sooner, so there's no downside to it.

Whatever happened to the democratic revolution in Iran that Orrin has been promising was imminent for the past three or four years?

Duck said...

Orrin's an "End of History" believer, but history doesn't follow a script. The Iranian regime might be a weak structure, but it is amazing how long a weak structure can stand, especially if there is no wind blowing against it. A vigorous military response by Britain would supply some of that wind, but they are in transition from a hard to a "soft" power, so it's not going to happen.

I think that we should just ask the Brits to go home and that we'll take over the job of coastal security in the Gulf. All they are capable of doing at this point is providing hostages to Iran.

Harry Eagar said...

Well, they could seize the Iranian embassy in London.

joe shropshire said...

How long are you going to be bloggus interruptus.

Duck said...

Yes, what happened to Sunday Brunch last week?