14 April 2007

It's 39 And Cloudy

Instapundit points us to an article in the Grand Rapids Press with the heart-warming headline, Snow won't dampen global-warming rallies. In the article, Lisa Locke, associate director of the west Michigan global warming nutcases explains that unseasonably cold temperatures shouldn't stop her protest:
"I think that's [it's freezing outside] an easy excuse, but if we're really reasonable about it, we're not talking about individual weather on individual days," Locke said. "We're talking about something much larger, on a global scale, which science has been tracking for decades."
Ms. Locke's logic is impeccable. (Indeed, saying "decades" rather than "millenia" is down right honest, by agw standards.) Just because it's unseasonably cold today doesn't mean that the globe isn't warming over all. But cold weather is bad for the agw movement nonetheless.

First, marching against global warming in the snow makes them look ridiculous.

Second, cold weather necessarily reminds people of how much they prefer warm weather. It reminds them of the dangers of walking on ice and driving in a winter storm. It reminds them of the pain of shoveling and of the old men killed, every time it snows, by their shovels. After all, the whole world wants to retire to Florida. Why not let Florida come to us?

Third, it simply highlights that, to the agw crowd, any unseasonably cool weather is an outlier, whereas any hot weather, big storm or other unpleasant weather is the harbinger of warming doom.

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