27 April 2007

Exactly How Many Amendments Are We Trampling On, Here?

OJ points us to this rather astonishing proposal to turn the US into a police state in order to get rid of guns. Apparently, warrantless searches of our houses and persons are a small price to pay in order to implement a "gun control" regime that a child could outwit.

I have just one question. If, in the course of searching every house and person in the country in order to find every single last gun, they come across, say, illegal immigrants or a drug stash, will the police be allowed to react?


Oroborous said...

It's hilarious, in part because of the large overlap between the groups of people who like gun control, and people who screech if agencies of the U.S. gov't listen in on phone conversations.

So there is a group of people who would fight to the death to keep their conversations private, but who think nothing of invasive home searches.

David said...

O: Exactly. Apparently, stopping domestic terrorism doesn't justify having an NSA computer scan my cell phone calls, but the mere possibility of that I might have a gun justifies the most intrusive search imaginable.

Susan's Husband said...

I wonder if it's not a badly written attempt at reductio ad absurdum. I.e., "this is what it would take, which so obviously ridiculous that it's pointless to take policies involving confiscating existing guns seriously".