11 April 2007

Pretty Soon, People Won't Respect Lawyers

A friend, concerned that we're falling into optimism, sends us this story about an 18 year old boy who paid a hit man (actually, a cop) $3250 to beat up his pregnant 17 year old girlfriend enough that the "fetus" would die. He pleaded guilty to solicitation to commit manslaughter and was sentenced to spend 6 years in jail.

His lawyer said that he is an intelligent young man who got bad advice.


Duck said...

Since when does intelligence prevent evil?

joe shropshire said...

The Dade County sherriff's department used to have a small unit that specialized in posing as hit men. Their undercover deputies were a couple of big old biker-looking dudes -- think Paul Sr. from American Choppers. They would videotape their "clients", mostly soon-to-be-divorced guys, who seemed perfectly happy to pay $5,000 to have their wife fed to the gators rather than let her take the pawnshop or the used car lot. Life is still pretty cheap.

Duck said...

I wonder how many hits for hire are actually done successfully each year. How does Joe Schmo find a hit man? MySpace?