01 April 2007

Thanks For The Advice

I had to have my front brakes replaced this week. When I got the car back, there was a note on my stick shift: "Avoid violent braking for the first 125 miles." I'm not sure if I'm supposed to just drive off the cliff for the next 125 miles, or if I'm free to jam on the breaks just for the heck of it thereafter. I suspect that the ambiguity comes from the translation from the German, where more or less any adjective translates into "violent."

(Also, Google tells me that there is nothing new under the sun.)


Mike Beversluis said...

Beg your pardon if that's a purely rhetorical question, but here's some info on bedding in break-pads. NB: It's bad if your car "judders".

Hey Skipper said...


Perfect answer.

David said...

Mike: Thanks for the pointer. That is genuinely interesting information. However, my amusement came as a lawyer and user of English at their suggestion that "violent braking" was perfectly ok after 125 miles but, apparently without exception, is verboten until I've driven that far.

Mike Beversluis said...

Far as I can tell, DC/MD/VA/NJ/NY/MA driving is predicated on nothing but violent acceleration (pos & neg). Maybe you can compensate the later with the former until your 125 miles is up.

Hey Skipper said...


In this case, I think you are taking lawerly suspicion too far.

There are people -- odd, to be sure -- who, like I, occasionally take their cars on race tracks.

Despite being something of a gearhead, my knowledge doesn't extend to the arcana of brake pad composition.

Being one of those odd people who take their cars on race tracks -- which involves very violent braking -- I would not have known to bed the pads in for 125 miles before having at it.