24 January 2007

Who Says I Can't Kick Him Around Any More?

John Kerry has decided not to run for President in '08, keeping his tinder dry for the critical 2012 election. In its article bemoaning the absence of this political giant from our ballots, the AP describes John Kerry as "Democratic Sen. John Kerry, who fell 118,601 Ohio votes short of the White House in 2004." Now, this is true as far as it goes: if 59,301 Ohio voters had switched their vote, John Kerry would have been our second minority president in a row, having lost the popular vote by 4 million votes. Kerry can also be truthfully described as the man rejected by the largest number of voters in history. But he will be best remembered by history as "French looking."

1 comment:

Oroborous said...

They're the only ones who want him in - among actual Democratic voters, somewhere between 0% - 10% want to see him run.