03 January 2007

If This Is Global Warming, Count Me In

I've been running around outside in a short-sleeve shirt the last two days and, according to the forecast, we're going to reach the low to mid-50s each of the next four days. It's like living 300 miles south of here.

Of course, because it's so warm, we've been using less fossil fuel. Our heating bill is much lower than normal and we're probably driving less and not running the heaters in our car as much. So one way to limit greenhouse gases is to increase global warming.

MORE: Having lived through a life time of New England winters, I should mention that it is clear that mild winters (e.g., global warming) saves lives.


joe shropshire said...

We're stocking up for our third big snowstorm in three weeks. Out on the eastern plains and into Kansas, they're using National Guard helicopters to get feed to stranded cattle. Count me out.

David said...

50 and partly sunny right now, 53 tomorrow and supposedly up to 61 on Saturday.

jim hamlen said...

66 today here in NC, with 74 on tap for Saturday. 60s throughout next week, which means golf (because the office is pretty tepid right now). Looks like a replay of last winter, where we saw snow for about 5 minutes one Sunday afternoon.

Of course, South Africa experienced a record cold winter just a few months ago. Perhaps it was a portend for CO.

Peter Burnet said...

The polls are showing Harper is weak on the environment, so he suffled his cabinet this week and brought in a heavy hitter from Ottawa to that portfolio. According to a story I can't link you to, this new fellow assured everyone the currnet balmy weather has convinced him something had to be done fast. He was quoted saying something like: "Just this morning I left the house without even a windbreaker, and of course that is a major concern."

I'm hoping we send a delegation of farmers with corns to the next international meeting of climate change scientists.

David said...

Hey, it's going to get up to 66 today, but only 44 tomorrow. Clearly, drastic global cooling is the most serious problem we face. At this rate, it'll only get to 22 degrees on Monday, 0 on Tuesday and -22 on Wednesday.