09 January 2007

A La Recherché du Temps Perdue

Closing up shop last night, I ran across "The Last Starfighter" beginning at 11:00. I was immediately back in the summer of 1984.

The summer of 1984 wasn't the best of my life, but wasn't bad at all. I had finished my first year of law school in June and was a summer associate at a small firm in Boston. I was living with my grandmother in Brookline and commuting to the office on the "T." I didn't know anyone in Boston and, since the firm was small, there were no other summer associates or even young associates to hang around with. I drove home most weekends, but didn't have much to do on weeknights. One Wednesday, I drove to a cineplex and watched "The Last Starfighter." It's the only time I've ever gone to a movie by myself. It was pretty good -- better than I expected -- but sitting in the dark by myself was odd. The standard joke about loners is going to restaurants alone, but I've done that many times and it doesn't bother me at all. (Actually, I kind of like it. Reading and eating while someone else serves me are three of my four favorite things.) But going to the movies by myself was just odd.

Of course I stayed up till 1:00 to watch the movie.


Brit said...

And was it still any good?

Mike said...

"I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds."

Brit said...


Try arguing evolution on Brothers Judd.

David said...

It was good, although I would probably say "fun." The special effects were particularly interesting, since "Starfighter" was one of the first movies to use CGI.

jim hamlen said...

Going to the movies alone is a bit weird - I probably see about one film a year when I am traveling, usually something slam-bang like X-Men. But I did go see "Ponette" several years ago, before I was married. It is one of the best films I have ever seen.