05 January 2007

Falsum In Uno, Falsum In Omnibus"

OJ points us to this story on global warming. The story is a complete mish-mash, arguing (I think) that because past global warming was severe and intense while carbon dioxide rose over millions of years, we should expect climate change to be even more sudden and intense now as carbon dioxide rises of the course of a century. Such speculation should be ignored, but I was struck by this sentence:
Over several million years, carbon dioxide in the ancient atmosphere increased from about 280 parts per million to 2,000 ppm, the same increase that experts expect by the end of this century as remaining reserves of fossil fuels are burned.
[Emphasis added]

What a maroon! If it weren't for the problem of collecting, there would be easy money to be made betting these dolts about whether there will be hydrocarbons for sale in the year 2100.


Mike Beversluis said...

No problem; I think there are many that would accept a bet for 2020.

Bret said...

Olive oil is a hydrocarbon. We'll still be eating in 2100 so hydrocarbons will still be for sale in 2100.

David said...