06 January 2007

Reason Starts To Break Through

Now that the dystopic religion of anthropogenic climate change is a few years old, we're starting to see schisms. Once we were all damned equally, now certain sects are starting to see that there is also an Elect:

Europe to suffer as the world warms up
(Andrew Bounds, FT.com, 1/5/07)
Chilly northern Europe could reap big benefits from global warming, while the Mediterranean faces crippling shortages of both water and tourists by the middle of the century, according to the first comprehensive study of its effects on the continent.

Fewer in the north would die of cold, crops there would boom and the North Sea coast could become the new Riviera, an analysis to be approved by the European Commission next week shows. But the annual migration of rich northern Europeans to the south could stop – with dramatic consequences for the economies of Spain, Greece and Italy.
The headline is necessary to sneak heresy past the Inquisition, but with Russia having long since joined the ranks of the heretics (global warming is here and it is good), can Finland be far behind?


Duck said...

Fewer in the north would die of cold

Is this really a problem?

Oroborous said...

From the linked article:

"As many as 87,000 extra deaths a year would occur annually by 2071...
These numbers are dwarfed by predicted deaths and economic chaos in the developing world."

Given that one of the features of today's developing world is a high death rate and economic dysfunction, how will we know the difference ?

And if global warming will produce winners and losers among the developed nations, why will ALL of the developing nations lose ?
Doesn't it seem more likely that some developing nations will reap a windfall ?

Susan's Husband said...

Mr. Cohen;


David said...

SH: Thanks.