27 November 2008

We Were There First

Just wanted to point everyone to the new blog Secular Right, which features entirely different people having all our same old arguments. You'll all be glad to see that we do it better.


Brit said...

Call me when they start doing it in limerick.

erp said...

There once were some bros straight and true;
Who liked to discuss points of view;
Opinions were aired;
Until tempers flared;
And the many whittled down to the few.

The spin-off band of bloggers grew;
Til now there are more than a few;
With opinions so varied and bright;
It really gives a girl a fright;
That about most things she hasn't a clue.

Ali said...

They have John Derbyshire, Razib and Heather Mac Donald. Nice line-up.

Peter Burnet said...

Obviously they have a long way to go. Lengthy, thoughtful, well-written empirical challenges to questions like whether religion inculcates moral behaviour or not are for beginners. Veterans just scream at each other in short sentences about whether religion is responsible for history's genocides.

Hey Skipper said...


Time to call Brit -- that was brilliant.