06 November 2008

It's Great To Be An American

Filled up the tank this afternoon at $1.95 a gallon. For our unfortunate non-American readers (but I'm redundant) that's 78 cents/50p/.60 Euros per liter. They told me that if Obama were elected my dearest dreams would come true, and they were right.


Brit said...

Speaking as a soccer-loving, redundant, unfortunate non-American, can I just say thank you guys for Obama. Yes I know you didn't actually vote for him, but please accept my thanks on behalf of those who did. Not being American, I couldn't care less if he pulls you a few trifling degrees towards what you laughably call 'the left', the main thing is that Obama is the anti-Bush. McCain was quite unBushy too, of course, but not enough. For pro-American Britons, Bush has been the biggest headache we've ever had. What a relief that we get a break from defending the indefensible.

Yeah I know you pretend not to care what the rest of the world thinks, but you'll feel the relief too after a bit - being in the Opposition and throwing stuff is so much easier than being in power and having stuff thrown at you.

Also - congrats on your measured, graceful responses to the defeat, David. There's some horrible stuff going on elsewhere.

erp said...

No pretense here and I don't like throwing stuff at others any more than I like having stuff thrown at me.

Sheesh, where does the "rest of the world" get this stuff?

David said...

Thanks, Brit.

Isn't this whole "let's see how you like it when we act like traitorous lunatics" schtick from some on the right disappointing?

I'm hoping that, once people have gotten used to the idea we can get back to the comparable sanity of "my country right or wrong."

Harry Eagar said...

Don't thank me. I didn't vote for either one.

I'm waiting for a Liberal.

Sigh.Gonna be a long wait, I think.

Brit said...

David - it's pretty sad. I thought I might coin 'ObaMao' as the loony Republican answer to 'BusHitler', but alas, I googled it and it's been done 11,400 times already.

And yes, Harry, I imagine it is difficult for you to find people to vote for, what with you being the only person in the universe who isn't a total idiot, and all.

Bret said...

David wrote: "Isn't this whole "let's see how you like it when we act like traitorous lunatics" schtick from some on the right disappointing?"

There's a problem with not acting like traitorous lunatics (even though I personally don't really have it in me to act like a traitorous lunatic).

Let's say you're an independent deciding whether to vote for party A or party B. Let's say if party A wins you know that party B will accept its loss with dignity. But if party B wins, you know that party A will badly damage the country making you substantially worse off.

I claim that most independents will vote for party A even if they felt that the policies and governance of party B would be better. This is obviously not good for party B. It's also not clear to me that it's good for the country.

I'll have to admit that it will be oh so good not to hear the term Bushitler again after January. Avoiding whatever the equivalent term for McCain would've been almost made it worth voting for Obama.

So you may be shooting yourself in the foot with your dignity.

Anonymous said...

Dignity is David's second name, but has the word really come to mean prizing democracy and constitutional government above the tax code?

David said...

I thought "Reasonable" was my middle name.

Bret: I take the point, but my (relevant) hierarchy goes: American, conservative, Republican. Even if I conceded that traitorous lunatic would be good for the Republicans, it doesn't really go with American or conservative. Or with American conservative.

Also, you're restating the old Communist saw, "When you're in charge, you will, consistent with your principles, let me speak. When I'm in charge, I will, consistent with my principles, silence you." My principles are my principles.

Harry Eagar said...

Brit, you sound like my mom.

Still, in the previous 10 chances (not counting this month), the American voter picked Nixon twice, Reagan twice and Bush II twice.

Even if you don't share by view of Reagan, you could swap him for Carter (who I still admire as an innovator and pity as a victim of party treachery) and still get 50% bozos.

I think the case can be made that a majority of people a majority of the time are actual idiots.

We Americans sometimes preen oursleves on our collective wisdom in having thrown up a Washington, a Lincoln or a Roosevelt in moments of grave danger, but Allan Nevins reminds us that in moments of equally grave danger we threw up a Pierce and a Buchanan; and later, we got a Wilson, a Coolidge and a Nixon.

I'm not runnin' for office and I don't have to make nice.

David said...

Gee, that's funny. I'd say that Carter was the only Bozo in the bunch, Nixon being evil rather than stupid and ineffectual.