01 February 2007

The Worst Former American. (No, There's No Word Missing)

OJ points us to this profile of Jimmy Carter in Commentary Online, which is well worth reading in its entirety. Carter is probably not a racist, probably not anti-semitic and probably not a conscious traitor. And those are his good points.


Peter Burnet said...

Did you know that at the funeral of Pierre Trudeau (who bright/Boomer Canadians still believe was an enlightened statesman beloved the world over who inspired many, many international leaders with his humanity and vision), the only leaders fron the 70's/80's who showed up were Jimmy Carter and Fidel Castro?

Peter Burnet said...

To which I should add that the big question that preoccupied the press was "Would they speak to each other?" They didn't, but I've never seen a better- orchestrated "Nudge, nudge, wink, wink" show in my life. Imagine an entire catherdral of beautiful people fawning over both of them, certain of the exciting bonding that would occur if only that nasty CIA wasn't watching.