26 February 2007

If We Elect Hillary ...

...Will she let us cheat on her with other Presidents?


Brit said...

Hilary is 2-1 favourite to be next President on PaddyPower.

Here are the rest of the odds.

Anybody I should be having a punt on?

David said...

Bill Richardson, Jeb Bush and Condi Rice, while very unlikely to be the next president, are probably more likely than the current odds reflect.

Richardson is a governor, is technically hispanic but appears anglo and has a good resume.

Jeb is Catholic, spanish-speaking and the popular ex-governor of Florida. Since Gerald Ford, every president except George H.W. Bush has been the governor of a southern state.

Condi is a real long-shot, but if something were to happen to Cheney in the next few months and Condi became vice-president, she'd have a decent shot at the nomination, if she wanted it.

Oroborous said...

Looking over PaddyPower's lines, I see that they have:

For Republican Nominee for President 2008:

Sam Brownback 14 - 1
Bill Frist 25 - 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger 40 - 1
Rick Santorum 50 - 1

You may safely bet that none of them will be the 2008 GOP nominee.

For Democratic Nominee for President 2008:

Joseph Biden 25 - 1
John Kerry 25 - 1
Tom Daschle 33 - 1
Tom Vilsack 33 - 1
Wesley Clark 40 - 1

You may safely bet that none of them will be the 2008 Democrat Party nominee. Vilsack, for instance, has already dropped out of the race.

They also have:

Al Gore 9 - 2
John Edwards 5 - 1

While I'm not as certain about betting against these guys as I am about the ones that I mentioned as "safe", I'd be willing to risk it for those odds.

For Winning Candidate, U.S. President 2008:

Barack Obama 9 - 2
Wesley Clark 33 - 1
Tom Vilsack 33 - 1
John Kerry 40 - 1
Joseph Biden 50 - 1
Bill Frist 50 - 1
George Pataki 50 - 1
Tom Ridge 50 - 1
Tom Daschle 66 - 1
Michael Bloomberg 80 - 1
Rick Santorum 80 - 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger 100 - 1

None of them will win. The U.S. Constitution would have to be amended for Schwarzenegger to win; feel free to bet your life's savings against that happening before the next election.

Oroborous said...

Additionally, as much as I'd love to see Condi as Prez, I suspect that Hill would wipe the floor with her - Condi's never run a national political campaign.

erp said...

Condi is at a disadvantage on the political stage. She a lady born and bred and getting down and dirty would be anathema to her. I was just wondering why she's been so quiet lately.

Duck said...

I don't think Condi has the slightest interest in running for political office. Party operatives drool over her prospects because she would be a two-fer: the first black and the first female president. I agree with erp, I don't see her as a street fighter.

Brit said...

Thanks for the tips guys. At 50-1, Condi and Frist have to be worth a couple of quid each.