21 February 2007

But They Told Us It Would Be Utopia


erp said...

A world without America? Where then would those longing to breathe free call home? Better the rest of the world disappear and only America remain.

Brit said...

No Britney Spears, no Michael Moore, no Sex in the City... the imagination recoils from the very idea.

Oroborous said...

Amusing, and, as a proud American, my heart says "darn straight", but of course if we hadn't done many of those things, then some other society or nation would have.

Germany, for instance, was a highly technological & scientific culture before WW II - a German invented the electron microscope in the 30s, for example - and they're still known for their superb engineers.


In a meta way, that's what's happening.

That's one of the reasons that the Islamofascists are so angry. We're destroying their cultures without even meaning to, and we mostly don't notice or care.
(And of course, some of us that do care are cheering the process on).

joe shropshire said...

Soviet Union still alive and kicking, Israel wiped off the map: that'll sound like a little bit of heaven for some folks.

Duck said...

No USA, no Israel? Who would be the Great Satan?

And just think of all those Mexicans crossing the northern border into the Gulf of Canada and drowning. Oh, the humanity!