28 February 2007

But How Does It Effect AIDS Transmission?

Largo official preparing for sex change: Times Exclusive: City Manager Steve Stanton told the Times this morning he is undergoing counseling and treatments. He plans to remain in his city position. (Lorri Helfand, St. Petersburg Times, 2/28/07)
The mayor at his side, longtime Largo City Manager Steve Stanton disclosed to the St. Petersburg Times on Wednesday he is undergoing hormone therapy and counseling in preparation for a sex-change operation.

Through the process, which could take well over a year, Stanton plans to remain as the chief executive of this city of 76,000. He has the support of Mayor Pat Gerard, who was elected last March.

“He’s a dedicated city manager and puts his job first,” she said.

Stanton, 48, said he eventually will change his name to Susan, the name his late mother would have given him if he had been a girl.
Sure, blame the mother.

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Oroborous said...

Apparently he's going to be fired after all.