23 January 2009

What A Difference A Day Makes

President Obama has asked that trials of inmates at Guantanomo Bay be suspended. The world applauds.

Can you imagine the reaction if President Bush, last week, had asked that the hearings be suspended? I suspect that the response would have been more on the "wiping his feet on the Constitution" side of the ledger.

This sort of thing, along with the "I pledge allegiance to Obama" video that AOG, among others, points us to, are pretty hard to take. I want to give President Obama a fair shot, but that doesn't mean I don't feel the pain of how he is treated compared to W, or that the creepy cult-of-personality stuff isn't worrying.


Brit said...

Don't worry, he'll eventually be despised by all and sundry (unless he dies somehow first).

You just have to be patient.

erp said...

Bite your tongue. The last thing we need is another Kennedy. Let him live long and prosper -- just doing some other line of work.

Bret said...

Yes, comparing the continual and apoplectic outrage of my more Leftish friends when Bush did something to the sudden quiet when Obama does the exact same thing (war, economy stimulus, etc.) is rather disconcerting, especially when they also are forever going on about sticking to fundamental principles.

It's almost as if their fundamental principles are something like: if a republican does it, it's evil, if a democrat does it, it's good. Some principles!

Susan's Husband said...


Personality, the "feel" of a person, is their fundamental principle. Plus symbolism is more important than physical reality, so as long as Obama says the right things, it doesn't matter much what he does. Just look at how those same Leftists revere Castro, despite what he's done to the Cuban people.