15 January 2009

Television: The Newspapers Of The '10s?

How can television survive the Internet?


Susan's Husband said...

Stymie the effort to get general availability of wide bandwidth to households.

Support life extension technology.

joe shropshire said...

Actually the internet is the television of the '10s.

erp said...

Won't it be a problem as more and more people only use wireless connections?

Since we no longer have a PC wired to the internet, Roku viewings are interrupted frequently which didn't happen before we got the second laptop.

I hadn't made the connection. We thought it was because there were a lot more users. I'm glad to know the real reason.

David said...

Joe: That's my point. Why will anyone bother with actual television if they have internet television.

erp: You might want to look into a faster wireless router.

Bret said...

I stopped watching TV 30 years ago, so it's a non-entity as far as I'm concerned.

erp said...

Bret, you might want to check out the "Big Bang Theory." Those four clueless geniuses make us laugh.

Thanks David. We'll check it out.