12 January 2009

It's Time For Another Round Of Thoughtful . . . Or Creepy?

The guy in line at the grocery store who had two items, a bouquet of flowers and a large tub of "I can't believe it's not butter."


Peter Burnet said...

Thank-you for sharing that but did we ask?

joe shropshire said...

Creepy, definitely creepy. A box of Godiva and a tub of Crisco, now that's thoughtful.

erp said...

This is funny. I often amuse myself on the line the at the grocery store by making up scenarios to explain the selections other people put on the checkout counter.

This one's easy. He picked up the faux butter for his dad who's watching his diet and flowers to cheer up his mom because she's being driven crazy by his dad's new dietary regimen.

Peter Burnet said...

Good call, erp, but it does bespeak a slight, no doubt inadvertant, homophobic inclination. The not-butter is obvious, but how do you know the flowers are for his mom and not for his second dad?

erp said...

Peter, absolutely right. I keep forgetting about diversity and inclusivity.

In the spirit of polygamists and serial marriagists and their progeny everywhere, the flowers are for much besieged and put upon mom* because someone inside the vast periphery of his/her/its extended family and/or acquaintanceship is driving him/her/it crazy because of his/her/its intolerance of and anti-bovinity being manifested toward one of the most delicious, nutritious and versatile offerings that ruminants can offer to us humans.

*male, female or neuter - your call.