21 January 2009

Fortunately, I'm Not Looking For A Good Man

Refusing to have sex on the first date 'increases the chance of finding a good man': Prolonging the mating courtship increases a woman's chance of finding a "good" man, mathematicians have found (Kate Devlin, Telegraph.co.uk, 1/16/09)
You've got to love that "prolonging."


Anonymous said...

Surely psychologists will respond to this outrageous power grab by the mathematicians with a study proving that women who prolong much past the second date are uncomfortable in their bodies and risk lonely, bitter lives?

Susan's Husband said...

No, no, they'll just point out that "good" mean "oppressively patriarchal".

Hey Skipper said...

Game theorists would demonstrate that the best strategy for all women would be for none to provide sex outside of marriage.

Then they would demonstrate that the best strategy for one woman is to provide sex outside marriage, while her sisteren keep a lid on it.