12 December 2008

Today's "Don't We Know Too Much About Each Other For Strangers" Quiz

James Lileks points us to a mystery cartoon that uses the phrase "A drug on the market."

Name the only other context in which I've heard this phrase.

Well, I guess I don't know you people as well as I thought:
At another table a very well-dressed WOMAN talks to a MOOR. She has a bracelet on her wrist. No other jewelry.
But can't you make it just a little more? Please.

I'm sorry, Madam, but diamonds are a drug on the market. Everybody sells diamonds. There are diamonds everywhere. Two thousand, four hundred.

All right.
Casablanca, 1942.

1 comment:

Brit said...

Did a dwarf in a hot air balloon bellow it at you in a dream?

Just a guess.