12 December 2008

Not A Lincoln Biography

No president has come into office facing the massive problems he does.

FDR? Truman? Ford? Madison?


Harry Eagar said...


One of the more cringe-making examaples of my business at its silliest was a sweet young thang interviewing Sam Ervin about
Watergate and suggesting that this must be the gravest crisis in American history.

Ervin said, no, not as grave as the War between the States.

Ali said...

Nixon in '68, Reagan in '80, Harding in '20.

Harry Eagar said...

Harding? What challenges did he confront?

jim hamlen said...

The evils (and upheavals) of post-war Europe. Trying to keep America away from the waves of insanity flooding the rest of the world. Recovery from the impact of a nasty messianic Wilson.

Just a guess.

Ali said...

And a nasty recession he was mostly responsible for curing.

jim hamlen said...

I forgot about the infuenza pandemic.