28 August 2008

"What's With Married Men And Blogging?"

My son just asked me that question. His hypothesis is that it has to do with our inability to express our opinions IRL.


Anonymous said...

On what basis do you presume that among male webloggers, the proportion who are married is larger than that of the general population?

For me, it's not so much a lack of permission for expressing myself, but a lack of interest.

"I've been thinking about future technological developments and how they might impact interstellar colonization."

"That's nice"

"You don't care"

"I care deeply" [gives her "oh, you're so manly!" look. most women are good at giving looks, but SWIPIAW is a true mistress of the art]

Bret said...

What aog said/asked.

erp said...

What aog and Bret said and it's not only men and it's not because we're unable to express ourselves IRL, but because we can't find people who care about the same things we do to the same extent as we do IRL.

Cyberpals are there 24/7.

Harry Eagar said...

If the question implies that married men are behind all those knitting, scrapbooking and cat blogs, I'm skeptical.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. SWIPIAW never reads political weblogs, but she does hit knitting ones now and then. She's even had me put up pictures of some of her projects to share with the other knitters.

Brit said...

Yes, David's confusing blogging with his type of blogging.

Politico-religio-socio-scientific argument blogs are of course a tiny and deeply uncool subset of blogs, but they are probably mostly populated by married men.

Hey Skipper said...

Okay, I give.

What is IRL?

My brain keeps returning "Indy Racing League", which serves to thoroughly frustrate my attempt to find a plausible alternative.

erp said...

In Real Life.

Hey Skipper said...


While the plural of anecdote is not data, so this doesn't necessarily void David's son's hypothesis, I am completely capable of expressing my opinions IRL.