31 August 2008

Burying Satire At The Crossroads

I cannot believe that Obama supporters are claiming that Trig Palin is Gov. Palin's grandson and that she's covering her teen daughter's pregnancy. This is disgusting, there is absolutely no evidence for it and, worst of all, if it were true it would solidify Gov. Palin's pro-life credentials. The right's not going to like her less; they'll like her more. If this breaks out into the public's notice, I can't imagine that a wave of disgust at this tactic won't propel McCain/Palin's poll numbers higher.


Harry Eagar said...

Yeah, well, when next I hear about the partisanship, errors and/or irresponsibility of the MSM compared with the hive mind of the blogosphere, I'll bring this up.

Remember, according to Professor Glenn Harlan Reynolds, Fats Domino is dead, too.

aog said...

You'll bring it up because ... why?

joe shropshire said...

Harry, set the bar any lower for your own profession, and you are going to need a shovel. Move along, please.

Harry Eagar said...

Why? Because of Gresham's Law.

It's not just for coins.

aog said...

I have no idea what you mean by that. Is it that your bad criticism of the blogosphere will drive out the good criticism of Old Media?

I am confident you will fail to note that, unlike Old Media, counter evidence was rapidly made available, even in the original source of the bad narrative.

Harry Eagar said...

Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all, eh?

I am reminded of a story I never wrote. A new hotel filed for bankruptcy. I understood that it was merely a protective measure to forestall a mechanic's lien for a subcontract that amounted to less than 1% of the investment. So I ignored it.

Not so some of the inexperienced news reporters who splashed the $100M bankruptcy on their front pages.

As I expected, the lien was settled and the bankruptcy petition was withdrawn.

The hotel's controller called to ask us to give as much publicity to the withdrawal as to the initiation.


Fats lives!