13 August 2008

Get Your Prognostication Here

I realized after I wrote this morning's post that I'm ready to make my official prediction: McCain Wins.

P.S.: Immediately after posting this, I clicked over to Tom Maguire's site and found an ad: "Obama. Finished? Vote here now." This is, of course, terrible news for my prediction.


aog said...

Kerry almost won, and was he really that much worse than Obama? Not to mention that, in my view, the basic starting positions for Democratic vs. Republic party is more favorable for the former than it was in 2004. I think it's going to be a squeaker.

Harry Eagar said...

If the economy continues to deteriorate, and there's no reason it won't, Obama will win in a walk.

Anonymous said...

While Obama was trashing his grandmother as a "typical white person" racist (yet somehow he still takes a week out of his campaign to bring his family to visit her, huh?), I remembered that my typical Italian FDR Democrat grandmother told me last December that she "can't stand that Obama."

McCain's share of the Democrat vote is going to be significantly higher than the 20% or so that polls say. In most red states, it will be MUCH higher.