31 May 2010

"Which One?"

I can't be the only person who had the above reaction to this headline.


erp said...

Which one?

There's only one world's finest military and even Biden figured it out. Whoever wrote his speech got it right -- both the message and the tone. We heard part of it in the car and his voice sounded strong and sincere.

Even a broken clock ...

It was quite amusing that the gods sent down thunder and lightning on our dear leader who had to flee the podium before he was able to deliver his speech.

One could almost believe there is a God and if he keeps up this kind of stuff, I may become one of the believers.

Barry Meislin said...

"Majesty" seems a bit over the top.

Unless he was thinking about himself and the noble battle he's waging against the forces arrayed against him (which would include his own personality).

Otherwise, it must have been a glitch in either the electronic thesaurus or the teleprompter.