04 May 2010

First Amazon Orders

Megan McArdle suggests going back and looking at your first Amazon order. Here's mine, from June 7, 1996:

Mrs. Mike, Spot Goes Splash, The Bootstrap Entrepreneur: Everything You Really Need To Know About Starting Your Own Business, A Crown of Swords.

Two young kids, my wife was starting a practice and I love trashy genre fiction.


erp said...

2001. The Magic School Bus - Makes a Rainbow [VHS]

Harry Eagar said...

Well, that was a surprise.

First order, 1999: Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman.

Then nothing for 2 years, then "Cause Celeb" by Helen Fielding.

Then a Palm Zire (bad choice). Then an "Honor System Payment" about which Amazon will not reveal anything and which is a complete mystery to me.

Ali said...

The Honor system lets you donate money to blogs who have that button.

12 July 2000:

Managing My Life by Alex Ferguson.

Ghosted autobio of Manchester United's manager which is what my sister wanted as a birthday present. I think.

14 July 2000:

One Up On Wall Street by Peter Lynch.

Reads like a comedy book now.

Made In America by Bill Bryson

Stalingrad by Antony Beevor.

I preferred Russia's War by Richard Overy but this was still a good read.

Hey Skipper said...

My first Amazon order, March 9 2005: Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Special Edition DVD.

Then nothing until getting a Kindle five months ago, when I got: Farewell My Lovely (Raymond Chandler), A Conflict of Visions (Thomas Sowell), Intellectuals (Paul Johnson), and The Biq Questions (Steven Landsburg).

None of which I can either loan or sell.

Despite owning them.

The longer I own the Kindle, the less I like Amazon.