08 June 2007

Today's Meme

Bryan Appleyard points us to a series of tests meant to determine if we have unconscious preferences or dislikes for various victimized groups. Like Bryan, I only took the race (i.e., African American v. European American [sic]) test. Unlike Bryan, I am a decent human being:
Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between European American and African American.
I'm torn on the usefulness of this test. On the one hand, it seems like complete and utter social science nonsense, with the results completely dependent upon the ordering of the test and the subject's reaction speed. On the other hand, it said nice things about me that confirm my self-image and I took a similar (or perhaps the same) test a few years ago and it said the same thing.

UPDATE: Well, that was interesting. I went back and did the test on fat people v. thin people. It found that I had a slight preference for thin people. What was interesting is that, compared to the first test, I could tell while taking it that I did associate good emotions with thin and bad emotions with fat. (Yes, yes, I know, but let's leave the psychological implications of this for another day.) It was a completely different feeling and caused me to slow down and make a lot more errors. The different experiences make me take the tests much more seriously.


Peter Burnet said...

Easy now, I took the presidential test and it said I have a slight preference for FDR over Bush.

To think I always thought I was decent too.

Oroborous said...

Without taking a "race test", I can tell you that I prefer Northern European-looking people to blacks, and Southern European-looking people to those who appear to be No. European.

But I don't think that any of them are inherently genetically superior to any of the others, except perhaps in physical appeal.

It's all culture.

(I'm Northern European in lineage).