03 June 2007

How We Become What We Hate

In a comment below, Harry Eagar points us to the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. On a quick trip to their home page, our eye is immediately drawn to a link for "Camp Inquiry", "A week of adventure, discovery and exploration for children, ages 7 to 16 years of age." If the little goddicts get bible camp, well, then, the little skepticons need to have inquiry camp. The Skeptics should take this warning from a Jew: If you try to make Hanukkah like Christmas, eventually the kids will just start celebrating Christmas.


Susan's Husband said...

Why do you presume it's model on religious camp, as opposed the standard "adventure" style camp? How is it different from space camp or band camp?

David said...

It's not much of a stretch.

Bret said...

That's why my family celebrates both. xmax is the secular gift-giving holiday which allows Chanukah to be, well, just Chanukah.