15 June 2007

Less Gasoline At Lower Prices

Planet Gore, which is a blog at National Review, points us to a speech given recently by Harry Reid. The National Review blogger does a fine job of pointing out most of Reid's inanities, but doesn't note this familiar pair of complaints:
But as this crisis grows worse it’s nothing but business as usual from President Bush. Maybe this president thinks it’s fine that working families are busting their budgets just to pay for gasoline and heat, but we don’t....

Maybe this president thinks it’s fine to let our children and grandchildren faced the devastating consequences up our climate crisis because he didn’t have the foresight to turn the tide, but we don’t.
The most basic fact of economics, like unto the law gravity, is that supply and price are the same thing. Has the real price dropped? Supply must have increased. Has supply decreased? The real price has gone up. If you want us to use less oil, the price must rise. If you're worried that the price of gasoline is too high, supply must increase.

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Bret said...

Well, I think the idea is to change the demand side instead of the supply side. In other words, if we just prohibit upper class business people from driving, then gas will get cheaper for the poor and we'll use less of it at the same time. Or something like that.