07 March 2014

Every Time I Think I'm Out, They Drag Me Back In.

The Canadians, that is. Apparently, three Canadian erotica channels are in trouble with the government and in danger of losing their license because they don't air enough Canadian content. Because the channels air 24 hours a day, they need 8.5 hours of Canadian porn -- which they plan to get by looping the same hour of Canadian porn 9 times a day. I would lard this thread with Canadian jokes, but the commenters over at the National Post have done the work for me.


Joe Shropshire said...

Worthwhile Canadian Initiative® gets a new lease on life. Welcome back by the way.

erp said...

Just asking ... how can Canadian porn be distinguished from just run-of-mill lewdness?

David, glad you're back. Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

At least it's not Japanese. Here is a funny exchange I read just the other day on a comics website -

[Author] As you probably already know if you've ever taken an Introduction to Comics class, nothing good can come of combining the phrase "tentacle sex" with the Batman (it's, like, the first lesson in comics).

[Commentor] I have a telegram from Japan. It says "challenge accepted".

David said...

Thanks for the welcome.

All' well, but busy. Remember when I took my obsessive blogging as a sign that I had too much time on my hands and needed a new intellectual challenge?

I was right.

Peter said...

Well, well, he's back. Nothing like a little Canadian porn to provide a leisurely diversion for a busy man.

This is just so Canadian on so many levels. I'm fairly sure the officials who piously ordained this would be embarassed and horrified if anyone in their homes were caught watching porn. Back in the nineties, progressives and feminists latched onto the cause of repealing "sexist" laws that forbade women form going topless in public. Court challenges were mounted and protests were staged, including a huge one on Parliament Hill that featured members of the radical sisterhood performing an "unveiling" in the name of human rights. Boy, did they ever learn something about men that day.

Anyway, they were successful in court and all of liberal Canada rejoiced. The funny thing is, Canadian women seem to have celebrated their new right by unanimously resolving never to exercise it. Anybody looking for the thrill of a well-turned breast would probably do better in rural Alabama.