31 July 2013

In The Cool v. Creepy War Over New Technology,

This lands in the cool side, but only just.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, not that revolutionary. Slick seems a more apt description. I've purchased things of that nature in the past but the battery life and having to use a special locator made it short of useful.

Similar also to the GPS powered bracelets for kids to track if they leave an area. I wonder how many people will put these on children and pets.

Peter said...

How long before someone comes up with a new gizmo that will guarantee us peace and serenity if we lose our tiles?

This gadget is going to completely destroy the extra-marital affair. Look again closely at that girl--it isn't the thought of finding her purse that is making her look so reassured. At least with cellphones one can claim the phone was off or out of juice. I have long argued for a re-emergence of traditional morality, but I always saw it as somehow connected to a renewed interest in theology and scripture. This definitely wasn't what I had in mind. What are our popular novelists going to do now?